Yoke Styles

The yoke skirt is created from the basic skirt block Use the Front and Back skirt pattern pieces. Draw a line midway between the waist line and hip line. This line can be higher or lower depending on style required. Close darts while drawing the line if a dart is in the line Add notches


Panel Skirts

Use front and back skirt patterns Draw lines down pattern from the end of the waist darts Add notches along lines to allow for re assembly of the skirts Cut through lines removing the darts Add seams and hems for sewing. Sew up panel skirt pieces


Circular Skirts

Cutting The Circular skirt Circular skirts are cut using the calculation of the radius of the waist measurement. Radius:  Waist circumference divided by 6.25 For full circular skirts use measurement on a 4 fold piece. Half circle skirt use measurement times 2 on a double fold fabric On a quarter circle piece use measurement time



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