Bodice Pattern Making – Construction Lines

Get a rectangular sheet of paper. The width of the paper should be at least half of bust or hip measurement (depending on which one is more) plus 3 inches. The length of the paper should be at least nape to waist length plus 10 inches. Mark 2 inches down the top edge of the


Connect The Points-Video 1

Connect the neck points to the shoulder points. Connect back shoulder point to across back point. Connect front shoulder point to across chest point Take a straight line down from across back point to the bust line. Take straight line from across chest point to the bust line Draw neckline curve from Nape to neck


Add Ease

Ease is the amount added to the exacted body measurements to create fit and comfort.


Armhole Shaping

Measure half of back armhole width (A - B) and one-quarter front armhole width (C - D). Draw out a line at a 45-degree angle from the points where across back and across chest meet the bust lines. Mark the amounts on the lines. These amounts guide your curve. Curve above the point at the


Bust Dart

THE BUST DART In females a cup can be created in the bust area to accommodate the fullness in the bust. Allowance has been made for this in the difference in length between  the nape to waist and the full front length measurements. In this pattern the excess is taken out in an underarm bust



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