Garment Production & Design 1

Master Garment production techniques: Cutting, Sewing & Pattern Making. Using our effective pattern making system, you will be able to create beautiful clothes for yourself and others in no time. What will you learn? By the end of this course you will have a better understanding of garment production You will know how to apply


Beginner’s Class

This class covers the basic skill you would need to have to take the garment production and design courses. These classes are free. You can cover our introductory sewing and pattern making classes here.


Pattern Making with PatternMaker 7.5

PatternMaker software is a product of PatternMakerUsa. It is an efficient, cost-effective software for pattern making. With PatternMaker, you can create patterns, grade them and arrange them for marker. PatternMaker Interface consists of these: The menu The menu items are your main tools for creating your patterns. Tools The tools contain your drawing items. They



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