Six Piece Skirt Macro

Six Piece Skirt Macro


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Fit and flare six-piece skirt pattern, macro.  This is the popular fish skirt. Enter your measurements to get a skirt that fits you perfectly. You can also determine how much your skirt flares.  Increase the amount of flare if you desire to do so.

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This is a fitted, panel skirt with a flare starting out just above the knee. Its popularly called a six piece skirt. Using this pattern macro you can generate as many six piece skirts as you like for yourself and others. Just enter the required measurement into the macro and the computer will create the pattern. Print out your full scale pattern. The pattern will come out as several sheets. Assemble the pattern together using alignment marks.


Choose a pre-saved measurement file or enter your measurements.


Seam Allowance: You will be asked to enter required seam allowance.  Avoid using 1 inch or more in inner seams.  Preferably use 1/2 inch or 5/8.  You can use 1 inch not more for side seams.  You will have to enter it manually after printing out the pattern because the computer will only enter the seam allowance generally around the whole pattern.  To make a half inch side seam 1 inch, add half inch to the side seam.

Remove seam allowance from the edges that will be cut on fold. Such a seam is the center front seam. Remove the seam allowance and place center front edge on a fold of fabric.

Flare: You can also determine how much your skirt flares and where the flaring starts from.  Enter the amount of flaring you want into the measures box.

This is what your Six piece skirt pattern will look like.


Pattern Pieces:

  • Center front (remove seam from center front and place on fold of fabric)
  • Side front
  • Side back
  • Center back.
  • Waist Band

Remove the seam at the center front panel of the skirt unless you want a seam there. Place the center front panel on a folded edge of fabric if you don’t want a seam in the center.

Arrange your skirt pieces in this manner on folded fabric to cut. This will save fabric. Remove the seam in the center front panel. Before cutting.

This is possible if the fabric doesn’t have a directional pattern. If it does, then the pattern pieces will all have to face the same direction. Cut the waist band separately on a single layer.

Use the notches on the pieces to align when sewing. Ensure that you stick to the seam allowed for sewing.

This macro requires a pre-installation of PM_7.5 and an installation password. You will find your password in your purchase order.


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