Girls Bodice Pattern Macro

Girls Bodice Pattern Macro


The girl’s bodice pattern macro is used to generate custom bodice patterns for girls from 7 to 12 years old except when the child has a fully formed female form. Then you should use the Adult female bodice macro.

The macro has three bodice length options and 5 sleeve length options.


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Custom Pattern Generator for Girls

The Girls Bodice Pattern Macro is a custom pattern generator for girls 7 – 12 years. These children are beginning to develop a more feminine form. They still have a slightly protruding stomach but there is a hint of bust formation. Its still very slight but the posture is changing.

Use this macro to create cute girly, dresses for little girls. In cases where the child’s slightly protruding stomach is replaced by a cinched in waist line and there is a pronounced bust development, use the adult female bodice macro.

Style Options

The macro has 3 bodice length options:

Sleeve Options:



The macro is made using a default set of measurements that can be replaced by user input.



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