Bodice Pattern Making eBook

Bodice Pattern Making eBook


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The system of pattern making taught in this Bodice Pattern Making eBook is developed from extensive research into pattern making techniques.

The focus of the research is to develop simple accurate techniques that can be easily learned and applied without complicated procedures; to give its student detailed understanding of the human body and its peculiarities; and allow its practitioner to create beautiful clothes that will make its wears happy.  However, as with any system it requires constant practice for the knowledge which is available on these pages to translate into skill.

In this eBook you will learn the fundamental principles of cut and fit, which you could otherwise learn only by years of apprenticeship and costly trial and error.

Also contained in the Bodice Pattern Making eBook is a sizing chart and valuable information on sizing. This is of great importance for garment production.


Take accurate measurements.

Understand fitting.

Create accurate bodice, sleeve and collar patterns.

Adapt the bodice to create dress, shirt, jacket and kimono blocks.

Cut confidently.

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This Bodice pattern making eBook teaches you a simple pattern drafting system that makes garment production easy and efficient.  The fit of your garments will be amazing reducing the need to do several fittings. You will also learn to use the bodice as the foundation for your clothing such as dresses, shirts, jackets, tops, evening wear, sportswear, etc.

The fit of a garment starts with accurate measurements. In this book, you will learn and master an effective measurement system. The fit of the garments will be controlled through the accuracy  measurements you take. With practice you will develop an exactness in measurement taking that will positively affect the structure of the clothes you make.

The bodice block is very versatile. Understanding and mastering the creation and use of the bodice will save you a lot of time and give you an edge in fitting and garment production.

Bodice Pattern Making is available as an eBook.  Download now and be making your own patterns in no time.

This book is used in training at Ginani Fashion School and Ginani eSchool

It is a valuable resource for any fashion student or fashion designer.

Topics covered:

  • Measurement taking
  • Sizing
  • Pattern Drafting
  • Using ease
  • Waist shaping
  • Using the pattern
  • Simple adaptations
  • Dress Block
  • Jacket Block
  • Shirt Block
  • Kimono Block
  • Dartless Block
  • Pattern layout
  • Seams, hems, facings
  • The bust cup
  • Sleeves
  • Collars
  • Alternative bodice blocks

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