Basic Pattern Blocks Collection

Basic Pattern Blocks Collection

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This bundle consists of the basic pattern blocks. These foundation blocks are used to style other designs. They can also be sewn just as they are for simple styles.


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Ginani Basic Pattern Bundle

Good basic blocks simplify a fashion designer’s work and ensure consistent fit across all designs.

Bodice Pattern Macro – Female
The bodice pattern block is a foundational piece for creating various designs. It serves as the basis for dresses, tops, jackets, and shirts. When accurately made, it ensures a good fit for all the designs derived from it.

Ladies Skirt Block Macro:
The skirt block is essential for designing skirts of different styles. Starting with a well-fitting skirt block ensures that your final skirt designs will also have a great fit.

Ladies Trouser Pattern Macro:
The trouser pattern block forms the foundation for creating pants and trousers. It’s crucial for achieving a comfortable and flattering fit in your trouser designs

Children’s Bodice Macro:
The children’s bodice macro is a custom pattern generator for the child’s basic block. It is used to generate the bodice and the sleeve. You can enter the child’s measurements into the measurement form to replace the default measurements. This macro is versatile and can be used to create patterns for children from 1 month to 10 years for boys and from 1 month to 6 years for girls. For girls aged 7 to 12 years, you should use the girl’s bodice pattern macro instead.

Men’s Trouser Pattern Macro:
The men’s trouser pattern macro is a CAD-based tool for generating custom trouser patterns for men. By entering precise measurements, you can create well-fitting trousers. Whether you are designing casual or formal wear, this macro will help you achieve the desired fit and style.

Basic Bodice Block For Men’s Wear Macro:
The basic bodice block for men serves as a foundation for creating various men’s clothing items. You can use it to design jackets, fitted shirts, and other structured garments. Choose between a fully darted pattern or one without darts, depending on your design needs.

Girls Bodice Pattern Macro:
The girls’ bodice pattern macro is perfect for creating custom bodice patterns for girls aged 7 to 12 years. These children are beginning to develop a more feminine form, and this macro allows you to design cute girly dresses. It offers three bodice length options and five sleeve length options.


Remember to input accurate measurements when using these pattern macros to ensure the best results. Happy sewing!




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