GINANI Patterns are designed for fashion enthusiast, home dressmakers and hobbyists. They are created to help anyone achieve a high level of expertise in garment production with ease. The cut is accurate and the fit is beautiful.

We have two kinds of patterns. We have the PDF patterns which are created to standard sizing.  All you have to do is download and print.  We have the macros which are small software that have to be installed on your computer along with the companion software pm_7.

Macros  allow you generate patterns to a custom fit. You have to install the software in your computer, enter your measurements after selecting your pattern choice and print from your own computer. You can use the macro repeatedly and generate as many patterns as you like.

Our PDF patterns  come in GINANI standard sizes. No software installation necessary.

Using GINANI Patterns very rewarding and it is easy! After using our patterns you don’t want to go back to ‘average’ cut. GINANI Patterns make it possible for the home dressmaker to achieve the couture look.

  • Perfect jumpsuits at your finger tips. Create as many jumpsuits as you desire. Each person gets their perfect fit.
  • Bustier Pattern PDF

     1,200.00 2,200.00
    The Ginani Bustier Pattern PDF is a perfect fit for all body types, available in various sizes from 6 to 22. It's user-friendly, easy to access, and easy to print. The pattern allows you to create a personalized piece, enhancing your collection and making a statement. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced tailor, this pattern is perfect for creating chic and trendy garments.
  • Elevate your wardrobe with the Funnel Neck Bodice Pattern Macro, offering versatile style options for both dresses and tops. This pattern includes:
    • One-piece dress with darts: A sleek, form-fitting option for an elegant look.
    • Shoulder princess line dress: Featuring flattering seams for a tailored fit.
    • Fitted top: Perfect for pairing with skirts or pants for a polished outfit.
    Remember to choose fabrics, colors, and patterns that suit your style and occasion. Whether you’re sewing this yourself or working with a designer, these style options offer flexibility for different looks!  
  • Wrap Dress

    The wrap dress is a classic.  It fits everyone allowing your figure to settle into the nicely fitting style lines.  The macro allows your to generate the pattern in your own measurements.  Take exact measurements.  You will be able to add extra for fit. Easy to follow measurement system.
    • One piece Wrap dress
    • Princess line wrap dress
    • Flared wrap dress with waist cut.
    This macro will take the measurements you imput and generate a fitting pattern.  Enter the measurement using the measurement interface pictorial guide. The software will allow you to choose the ease allowed in your garment.  This way you will be controlling the fit.  Be careful about the measurements as a good fit depends on good measurements.  No! You cannot measure yourself.  Get someone to do it.  
  • Brassiere Dress

    Create this elegant brassiere dress pattern from your computer by simply inputting your measurements. The pattern features two style options: A-line and straight panels, allowing for versatile design choices. Easy-to-follow measurement instructions ensure a perfect fit every time, making this pattern suitable for beginners and experienced sewists. Enhance your wardrobe with this custom-fitted dress pattern, tailored to your unique specifications.    
  • Ginani Off-Shoulder Pattern Macro! Turn heads and make a fashion statement with our Off-Shoulder Pattern Macro. Macros are your ticket to chic elegance and personalized style. Whether you’re a seasoned fashionista or a DIY enthusiast, the off-shoulder pattern has something special for you.

    Key Features:

    1. Custom Fitting: This pattern molds to your body, creating a slim-fitting silhouette that accentuates your curves. Say goodbye to ill-fitting tops and hello to confidence!
    2. Princess Line and Empire Line Options: Choose between a classic princess line or an empire line for different looks. The princess line emphasizes your natural waist, while the empire line offers a graceful flow from the bust.
    3. Underbust Dart: The underbust dart ensures a flattering fit around the bust area. No more gaping or pulling—just pure comfort and style.
    4. Variable Sleeve Length: Customize your off-shoulder top with the perfect sleeve length. Whether you prefer short, three-quarter, or long sleeves, this pattern has you covered.
    5. Versatility:  The off-shoulder macro can be used to create a top, extended to dress length or even combined with the trouser pattern to create an off-shoulder jumpsuit.

    How to Get Started:

    1. Buy Ginani Off-Shoulder Pattern Macro
    2. Choose Your Fabric: Opt for lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen, or jersey for a comfortable fit. Choose luxury satins, damasks, taffetas, laces, or a high-quality ankara fabric for a special occasion outfit.
    3. Get Creative: Experiment with prints, colors, and trims to make it uniquely yours.
    4. Sew with Love: Cut out your patterns and sew!
    Limited Time Offer: Use code FASHIONISTA15 for 15% off your off-shoulder pattern purchase! Don’t miss out—create your dream off-shoulder outfit today.
  • Ladies Jacket

    The Fitted Ladies Hip Length Tailored Jacket offers style and versatility featuring a shoulder princess line. It comes with 5, 4, or 3 button closures and two sleeve options: a 2-piece sleeve or a fitted sleeve. The pattern is compatible with PatternMaker 7.5 and above. This jacket combines sophistication and functionality, making it a perfect addition to any wardrobe.
  • Raglan Off-Shoulder

    Generate raglan off-shoulder patterns from your computer.
  • Dress1

    Generate dress patterns from your computer. This is a lovely  dress pattern.  You have the choice of using the collar and sleeves or leaving them out. You can create up to 12 dress styles using various combinations. Aline dress Princess line dresses Empire line Panel dress.
  • This patterns has 2 pattern styles.  The cap sleeve bustier is a favorite for blouses.  It is a must have. Sleeved bustier is a combination of a blouse with sleeves with a bustier cut. These 2 styles are a must have for every woman.
  • The High Waist Dress Pattern Macro features a waistline slightly above the natural waist line, creating a flattering silhouette.It features panel seams extending to the hem, providing a sleek and elongated look. Known for elegance and simplicity, this style suits various body shapes. Perfect for diverse occasions, this pattern combines style and comfort seamlessly.  
  • Boat-neck Dresses

    Certainly! Here’s a concise description of the boat neck dress: The boat neckline, also known as a bateau neckline, is characterized by its wide, horizontal shape that gracefully follows the collarbone. It’s a versatile choice that flatters various body types. The basic boat neck dress serves as a clean canvas for creativity. You can add trim, embellishments, or accessories to personalize it. Whether it’s a statement necklace or delicate lace, the boat neck allows these details to shine.
  • ### Empire Line Surplice Dress Pattern Discover the perfect fit with our Empire Line cross over (surplice) Dress Pattern macro. This versatile pattern allows you to tailor your dress to your exact measurements, ensuring a flawless fit every time. Choose from two flattering styles:

    A-line: For a flowing, feminine silhouette. Straight fit: For a sleek, modern look.

    Customize your dress further by selecting your desired length and opting for sleeves or a sleeveless design. This pattern suits all body shapes and is one of our best yet.  
  • A-Line Skirts Macro

    Generate aline skirts from your computer. This macro contains the following styles.
    • Basic aline skirt
    • Aline yoke skirt
    • Aline wrap skirt
    • Aline gathered skirt
  • Draped dress comes in two style options. The sheath dress and wrap dress.  Enter accurate measurement and print out a perfectly fitting pattern.
  • Generate ladies' trouser patterns by imputing measurements into the computer. The pattern has 7 style options: Regular, Boot cut, Flared, Skinny fit, Wide leg, Straight, Palazzo.
  • Create skirt patterns from your computer using custom measurements.  
  • Tunic

    Ladies Tunic is a semi fitted long top. It comes with 2 neckline options. A high slit neckline and a round neckline. The pattern includes a sleeve pattern with several length options. Enter your measurements for an exact fit. Print out a full-scale pattern reardy to sew. You will have a pattern ready in 2 minutes.
  • Foundation block for male bodice.  This pattern can be used to create a variety of men's clothing.  Follow our measurement system and input measurements according to macro instructions.  You have the option of a fully darted pattern or a pattern without darts.

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