GINANI Patterns are designed for fashion enthusiast, home dressmakers and hobbyists. They are created to help anyone achieve a high level of expertise in garment production with ease. The cut is accurate and the fit is beautiful.

We have two kinds of patterns. We have the PDF patterns which are created to standard sizing.  All you have to do is download and print.  We have the macros which are small software that have to be installed on your computer along with the companion software pm_7.

Macros  allow you generate patterns to a custom fit. You have to install the software in your computer, enter your measurements after selecting your pattern choice and print from your own computer. You can use the macro repeatedly and generate as many patterns as you like.

Our PDF patterns  come in GINANI standard sizes. No software installation necessary.

Using GINANI Patterns very rewarding and it is easy! After using our patterns you don’t want to go back to ‘average’ cut. GINANI Patterns make it possible for the home dressmaker to achieve the couture look.

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