PDF Patterns – Print Size Error

PDF Patterns – Print Size Error

After a successful PDF pattern sale, the client called to complain that the pattern was not the size we sold it as.  However, several checks of the original pattern showed that the sizing was correct. But printing from the browser, we also got a reduced scale pattern. It took a lot of time and playing around with print settings and finally, a search online which showed that it was a problem many people had encountered.

The pattern PDFs may print slightly smaller if the printer configuration is not adjusted before printing. When you want to print your pattern. Double-click on the pattern. It will open in the browser window.

  • Select printer.
  • Select pattern print size – A4.
  • Click on more settings to choose to print your pattern to the actual scale

The solution was to change the browser print settings to print the pattern in its right scale.

If you have bought a PDF pattern from the estore, print following the steps in this video to correct the print size error.



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