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The Way to Create Your Collection

    Stun your customers and your fans with our lovely patterns and let us create a customized pattern collection for your clothes. Let us know the styles you want and we'll create your pattern, it's that simple!</p>     
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                    Who is it for?                  </a>
                    This is for any designer who is passionate about moving their brand forward, wow an audience in fashion shows and create a turnover so quick that making money from customers becomes a dream. You create clothes faster and with such professionalism that will leave even your competitors amazed at your expertise. It's the reason Ginani keeps winning awards!                     
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        <h3>Save more time</h3>     
    We have two kinds of patterns. We have the PDF patterns which are created to standard sizing.  All you have to do is download and print.  We have the macros which are small software that have to be installed on your computer along with the companion software pm_7.</p>        
        <h3>The best designs</h3>       
    <p>Using GINANI Patterns very rewarding and it is easy! After using our patterns you don’t want to go back to ‘average’ cut. GINANI Patterns make it possible for the home dressmaker to achieve the couture look</p>       
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    <p>Do you have a Ready To Wear RWT collection to create? We can create the patterns to your design specification and grade them to 5 sizes or more.</p>     
        <h3>Meet the Expert</h3>        
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        <h2>Eunice Oghinan</h2>     
        <h2>Fashion Expert</h2>     
    <p>Creator of the Nigerian standard sizing chart, winner of several awards including 12th leading woman in Nigeria from Leading Woman Magazine, publisher over 7 <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">fashion training books</a>. Eunice has  built a successful fashion business and is passionate about building the right skills that will allow Nigerian fashion industry to gain control of their own market as well as compete globally. Eunice is the link between aspiring designers and expert fashion skills. She strives to make all her students reach their goals, build a fashion business and make profit from it.</p>        
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        <h2>Make your clothes with the very best</h2>       
    <p>GINANI Patterns are designed for fashion enthusiast, home dressmakers and hobbyists. They are created to help anyone achieve a high level of expertise in garment production with ease. The cut is accurate and the fit is beautiful.</p>        
                    Working hours                   
                    Monday- Thursday:8:00-18:30 Hrs <br>(Phone until 17:30 Hrs)<br>Friday - 8:00-14:00                  
                    We are here                 

                    11, Bank Olemoh Close, Off Akerele, Surulere, Lagos <br>Phone:+234 803 308 4223 <br>Fax:+234 708 859 6249<br>Email:                 
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