Ginani Patterns – Why You Should Use Patterns

Years ago we took the decision to make our CAD patterns available to our students and others.  They are production tools. They help maximize production taking up the work of 3 people and reducing production time.  We have used them effectively for years. They have helped bring down the cost of production significantly reduced or wage bills and helped increase profitability.

Our most popular pattern as for now is our bustier pattern. The bustier in the picture below is created from the bustier pattern macro.  All we do is insert the measurements and get a perfectly fitting pattern.  I have people bust into laughter when the see the ease in which a pattern they normally take so much time and effort to create come out with so much ease and give a great fit.

This dress is made from the manipulation of a basic bodice pattern.

Our most effective must-have Pattern is the Ladies Bodice Block pattern macro.  It is used to generate the basic bodice block.  This block is the foundation from which other designs can be created. Because it has a great fit, the clothes made from it also have a great fit.

Most of our patterns come in CAD Macro version or Print PDF.  What is the difference? The CAD Pattern Macros are custom patterns. They will give you a pattern for the measurements imputed. The PDF patterns on the other hand have been created to standard sizing.

At this workshop males and females applied our pattern making system to arrive at the basic bodice.

We also have patterns for men’s wear. Our pattern making system can be used for men, women or children’s wear. At this Vlisco workshop our pattern making system was used for men and women’s wear.  See our men’s wear patterns here.

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Why you should get trained

Many aspiring designers overlook professional training and it is something that should not be overlooked. Fashion training gives you the chance to follow your dreams the best and most useful way possible. To become a successful fashion designer/entrepreneur learn the process having an idea is not good enough.

Be your own boss

A larger number of startups fail in the first year, being an expert in what you’re doing lowers your chances of failure. Would you believe it if I told you that most of the failure comes from people not doing enough research before diving into their business, it sucks right? That’s why training is important. With a proper training you can do several things.

You can be a consultant

Consultants help others achieve their goals. Some consultants make N1.7 million on average per job so it’s not a bad idea to know more that most people really. You need to understand the process used for achieving fashion goals. You must be knowledgeable about technology and its applications.  If you have a passion for this, it is best for you to take a professional course and learn as much as you can too. The knowledge you acquire and the expertise you develop from that sets you apart.  That is the reason why consultants are paid that much. So if you’re interested in this get all the knowledge you can get, research widely and I can bet you, you will never regret it.

Be a Stylist

Stylists are the people making decisions on what to wear when to wear them and how to wear them, talk about being a boss! Being a stylist is not just all fun and games, you have to know what you’re doing as well as keeping up to date with the latest trends. You also have to be innovative which is what our advanced course teaches. This is not just all training, you also have to have a fashion sense. It’s mostly talent and a creative use of your technical and design skills.



These are the savvy business people that make the clothes we have on our backs. If you want to be a designer you have to know a whole lot about dress making. You need technical and design skills. You have to follow trends and be creative with the use of fabrics.

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Ginani Students now get to present their collection at a free Fashion Show!

As if this year couldn’t get any better, Ginani is now offering all 1 year students a free Fashion show to go with their training course. This will be part of their final assessment. Further more, it will help to build their confidence in their designs and their reputation as a designer even before they graduate. Ginani is home to some of the greatest fashion designers in Nigeria and we want to have a platform to show that talent. So what are you waiting for? If you’re not a student at Ginani why not register now? Another greater addition to participating in our Fashion show benefit is the online school students who also get this great opportunity if they have gotten their certificates. They get to participate at a subsidized rate along with our ex-students who we are ever proud of. If you would like to register for our courses why not visit our course page. To participate in our events, you don’t have to have trained at Ginani. We welcome fashion designers who are passionate about what they do. So please call us at 08033084223 or send us an email if you would like to be part of our event. Ciao!
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