Ginani Patterns – Why You Should Use Patterns

Years ago we took the decision to make our CAD patterns available to our students and others.  They are production tools. They help maximize production taking up the work of 3 people and reducing production time.  We have used them effectively for years. They have helped bring down the cost of production significantly reduced or wage bills and helped increase profitability.

Our most popular pattern as for now is our bustier pattern. The bustier in the picture below is created from the bustier pattern macro.  All we do is insert the measurements and get a perfectly fitting pattern.  I have people bust into laughter when the see the ease in which a pattern they normally take so much time and effort to create come out with so much ease and give a great fit.

This dress is made from the manipulation of a basic bodice pattern.

Our most effective must-have Pattern is the Ladies Bodice Block pattern macro.  It is used to generate the basic bodice block.  This block is the foundation from which other designs can be created. Because it has a great fit, the clothes made from it also have a great fit.

Most of our patterns come in CAD Macro version or Print PDF.  What is the difference? The CAD Pattern Macros are custom patterns. They will give you a pattern for the measurements imputed. The PDF patterns on the other hand have been created to standard sizing.

At this workshop males and females applied our pattern making system to arrive at the basic bodice.

We also have patterns for men’s wear. Our pattern making system can be used for men, women or children’s wear. At this Vlisco workshop our pattern making system was used for men and women’s wear.  See our men’s wear patterns here.

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Why Ginani team is very passionate about patterns

Creating a fashion collection has always been a long and hard process for designers. Fashion shows and collections require a lot of effort. I remember some time ago before we started using patterns.
We spent countless sleepless nights trying to get the best designs on the runway and into our collection. I was grateful to the team for making that possible. But over the years, the use of CAD patterns has majorly changed things for us. I appreciate the fact that the use of macro patterns and CAD technology makes our job a lot faster and easier. It’s allowed us to build a systematic process for production. With this process it doesn’t take as long to make a collection or mass produce anymore.

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We are were able to help other designers create their collection by making patterns for them. Now I’m pretty sure you’re wondering what a pattern macro is. Well in this post, you’re going to learn what exactly what it is and isn’t.

What is a pattern collection

Pattern collection is what we create for you when you want to product your collection. It is done for a designers collection. We create a sizing that best fits the people you want to market to for the collection you have in mind. We also grade the clothes in five sizes or more. These patterns are reusable so it’s easy to recreate with it. It’s then up to you to produce your collection

What to expect from pattern collection

  • The collection comes standard sizing but they can be adjusted to individual size
  • The clothes fit
  • They are created according to the designer’s collection
  • You can create as many pieces as you want using your patterns


Let us help you create your collection. Whether you want to stun the runway with your designs, start mass producing for the world or just want to run a medium clothing business we’re here for you.
Starting with a pattern collection would not only save you and your team tons of time but it will also make sure that your patterns come out perfectly made. Click on this link, fill the short form and we’ll help you create that collection of your dreams.
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